Anyone's bounce rate change on January 19th 2015?

Stuart Wright

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Ours did significantly. It went down from a consistent 74% to 11% in Google Analytics.
I'm trying to figure out why.
Did Google's algorithms change then?

I don't think it's anything I did. I upgraded to Xenforo 1.4.4 on the 16th Jan.
And added Trending Topics on the 25th.
Neither could have such a significant change, I'm sure.

There was a big sitemap update on 19th. Could that have some influence?


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Stuart Wright

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Did you update the Better Analytics add-on by any chance (if you've got it installed, that is)? It received an update that included a change to how bounce rates are tracked the same day you got that decrease.

Someone else reported a big drop in the associated discussion thread:
Good spot. Yes I updated Better Analytics on 20th @ 07:41 so that must be it.
Good spot, thank you.