Anyone worked out what they are going to use Xen pages for?


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Thinking on our general chat forum we may use them for tutorials on how to use the software, some of the older members might need a slight helping hand here or there to get the best out of their posting day. Anyone else thinking about em?


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Possibly, but I'd rather have them in plain sight. Perhaps I will create a linked forum to link to the help page. I'll figure it out in October ;)


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And I assume anyone with the proper permissions can create pages.
Yes, but only if they know HTML :(...

That's correct. Pages inherit the complete permission scheme that is available to all nodes, so you can set precisely what users / groups etc. are able to view them.
No there is no WYSIWYG editor for the pages. You would create your page in an html editor unless you write html yourself, and enter it into the blank page.
(although Kier is talking about viewing them, not creating them, so I am not entirely sure)


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I'll be making extensive use of them moving all the static content from threads into them.

I also posted a mockup of a staff page on another thread.


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I do hope that you'll share that code Brogan when you get it together on your own page. :)
I suspect though that someone else will get it done before me as I won't be using the software for a while.

I'm currently creating a basic template which anyone can use.
I'll post the code as soon as it's done.