Anyone using Google Matched Content?


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We got an invite for this beta last week and I absolutely love it. We have it enabled for guest thats browse through our articles and placed it directly under the first post.

Considering the poor CTR on Sadsense on forums the CTR on matched content is absolutely awesome! I am surprised to see how well indexed our site seems to be in Google as literally every article gets decent on topic suggestions in this little box.

Curious to know what Google has in mind for this project as so far its very promising.


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It seems like it's not rolled out in Belgium yet...
I can't find it in my adsense account.

To check the approval status of your site:

Sign in to your AdSense account.
Click the gear icon and select Settings.
In the sidebar, under “Account”, click Site management.
Under the "Owned" tab, check the "Matched content" column to see if your site has been approved. If the status of your site is:
Approved: You may place Matched content units on any of the pages of this site.

Not approved: You may not place Matched content units on this site.
There is noting about matched content. :confused:


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Nice concept, only issue being it shows matched content for members profiles, which is pretty pointless.

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This is resurrecting an old thread, but I have been playing around with the matched content unit on my site, and I am frustrated:

(1) Lack of ability to format it the way that I want. Looks horrible on the site.
(2) "Images" that it selects for the links are not images from posts - but rather user profile images.
(3) "Matched content" is very poor. For example if someone creates a thread about a specific technical subject, and there are a number of other threads talking about the same thing, I am not getting links to the other related threads, but rather to random topics.

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I am also testing it out and a little frustrated. Mostly with the lack ability to have preferred and blocked content/directories by ad unit, only the entire site.

I can't get any images to show up whatsoever.

Ideally I'd like to limit it to content of a particular forum (articles) and only content with uploaded featured images.