Anyone using Adsense Responsive Ad Unit (BETA) yet?


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I know what the standard sizes are :)

Other services like do offer non-standarized ad units though.

If you have seen the new text ads design from Google, check out the 728x90 one that does look pretty much like a 600px sized ad to me now, but with useless white space on the side.

For advertisers using images I agree its good to stick to the standard sizes. But would be that hard to have the feature that premium adsense publishers seem to have, made available to all of us.

See here below the first post, that is how text ads should look for everyone, awesome


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@RoldanLT I wish I could and my problems would be solved :LOL:. Its not my site but from a fellow XF community member with a premium account I think.


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As far as I know it is. Would like to know when a person meets the requirements as our site can't be far off.


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I don't see anything different about the ad units.

I have implemented the same post styling on my site.