Anyone running into this styling issue?


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The placement inside the message body seems a bit off. Anyone else feel this could be cleaned up a bit?

Picture for explanation.



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Can you clarify exactly what the issue is as I'm not sure what you mean.

I would also need to see the site to check the css.


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The positioning seems awkward. Taking out the template edits I made on the site gives me the picture on the top. I'm looking to accomplish what the picture on the bottom shows. The white background on makes the sig box seem not too large, but on a black background it looks like it has room for improvement.

Want to be sure if I borked something, some weird upgrade conflict, or if anyone else noticed this.



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Because every element - the left column, the message, and the signature - are variable length, the only way to "stick" the signature area to the bottom is with a table.


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I can see why we would have to do that for each of our sites because like Mike said, the left box will be different sizes on different sites depending on what you check to show in it from the ACP.

I tweaked the last row with this information on my site, it's easy to do.. There is an ACP option under the style properties to handle this line:


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