Anybody try Savvis Direct cloud hosting?


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Normally Savvis supports enterprise level hosting for larger businesses, but I was curious if anybody has used their "Savvis Direct" service recently.

I've used A Small Orange, Slice Host, and Linode in the past for VPS and cloud based hosting, and I've been happy with Linode, so I was taking a look at Savvis Direct for a new project.

Some things I saw from their unmanaged cloud options.
1) They don't give you many OS options: CenOS (32 and 64bit), Ubuntu, Windows 2008, Debian v6. But that doesn't bother me too much.
2) Looks like they only have US based datacenters, 2 in Virginia, and 2 in California.
3) They don't provide a point in time/backup option to their cloud storage.
4) I can't find anything about their DNS configuration or setup.
5) They don't give you much disk space compared to other plans.

Price-wise, when I compare, I usually look at a company's product with 1GB of RAM, and in this case, for about $70 and a linux OS, you get 1 CPU Core, 1G RAM, 75G outbound bandwidth (unlimited inbound bandwidth), 10G local storage, 10g cloud storage.

For almost the same configuration on Rackspace, you'd get more diskspace, depending on your bandwidth used, because Rackspace bills their bandwidth separately. If you don't use much bandwidth, Rackspace would definitely be cheaper.

You get a lot more bandwith and storage for less USD with Linode, but that's comparing the "cloud" to a VPS, and I don't think you can guarantee yourself a full CPU core on Linode. Linode offers a few different options for backups, which I like, and their interface is pretty good.

So, I don't see anything for me in Savvis Direct that would entice me to switch from any existing provider. Anybody else?
I won't use Rackspace due to their buyout and handling of SliceHost, but among the horror stories I've heard with them, everybody says that they have great support.
There are many options in the market and savvisdirect believes we'll be a great option for many business types and cloud use cases. Nevertheless, we are young so definitely have aspects of our service we want to improve quickly.
1) We started out with the most common OS's by usage - we'll be adding more in the coming months such as Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and many other Linux options.
2) We will have international expansion throughout 2013 including EMEA and ASIA.
3) We don't offer snapshot approach to images. However, the CloudStorage offer is available with a high availability option for redundancy. For archiving, it's a simple script to write. CloudStorage isn't ever by default a version controlled archiving solution - that's a use case for cloud storage not its purpose.
4) savvisdirect has primary and secondary DNS services as well as registrar access if you should need to procure additional domains. Simply let us know over email via Customer Support.
5) Standard CloudServers allow for up to 2TB of storage. We're evaluating larger attached drives. In addition, we offer up to 10GB of CloudStorage for any new order, which can be mapped as a logical drive. As for pricing comparison, we don't charge for Firewalls, Load Balancer, and Cloud Onboarding.

Thanks for the feedback,
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