Any way to see a word count?

Out of curiosity, I have checked everywhere in resources, etc. I must have dreamed this years back, but I thought I would check.

Is there a way to see a live word count(er) when someone is typing a post? For instance, I want to be able to host peoples custom writings, short stories, etc. But when we do a challenge or competition, a lot of them are using XF to write directly to instead of an external word processor. Is there a way to add a word counter?

Again, I must have dreamed that XF had a feature set like this. Thanks!
So the word count is a part of that packet?
Because i rememeber to have installed also a word count addon from XON (and the bbcode pack);
then i can deinstall the first one.
Word Count Search like the name suggests allows you filtering messages by word count and the add-on I linked allows you to show the word count via style property (?).
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