XF 1.3 Any way to disable Xenforo putting http:// in front of links in threads?

I keep trying to make a link in a thread, so that when you click it, it will connect you to a TF2 server. However, when I use the link option, and put in the steam://connect/(IP), it will add http:// before that after I insert it, so it will come out as http://steam://connect/(IP), and thusly makes the link break. Is there any way to prevent this? Thanks.


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Geeze can't believe I haven't run into that before. I would have filed a not a bug, as designed, bug report a long time ago. That would bother every single gaming site on Xenforo. Any site with links to teamspeak or hell skype. Probably a dozen or so services. Might have to dig into that one for my own purposes soon then.