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Any specials for Black Friday?

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by surfsup, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. surfsup

    surfsup Well-Known Member

    My license expires ON black friday 11/29/13 - Any specials going on maybe the day before or what not so I can renew that one and 4 other forums? :D
  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    Any sales will be announced in advance, however, traditionally there have been no sales on Black Friday.
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  3. Liam W

    Liam W Well-Known Member

    What's black friday? I'm assuming it's some American thing...

    Well, xenForo isn't based in America, so it would be unlikely anyway.

  4. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    It's that time of year when the American consumer gets to stampede upon the retail worker when they attempt to open the doors for the impatient customers. :D Forgot who mentioned it, but they summed it up nicely, it's the equivalent to our Boxing day sales.
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  5. JayBarcelo

    JayBarcelo Member

    I just received an email from the competition about a $25 off Black Friday special and I would like to move to XenForo. Any specials from XF this week?
  6. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    They'll be announced by a member of staff if there are any upcoming sales.
  7. whynot

    whynot Well-Known Member

    It's an Alpha, not recommended for live boards. $250-$25= $225
    XenForo for its $140 is ready to use on live boards.

    Take your option.
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  8. Liam W

    Liam W Well-Known Member

    I got the same e-mail. Not that I'm even thinking about using it, it was *delete* straight away! xenForo is the way to go, and I will always say that.

  9. EQnoble

    EQnoble Well-Known Member

  10. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    There is nothing planned.
  11. akia

    akia Well-Known Member

    Isn't it basically a way for retailers to get rid of the junk thats not sold or is now last years style, and people lap it up because they think they are getting a bargain.

    As xenforo isn't junk or last year I hope there isn't a sale.
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  12. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    I got this e-mail too. All I could do was LMAO :ROFLMAO:

    Their "sale price"
    $250 minus $25, equals $225 (250 - 25 - 225)

    XenForo's normal price $140

    $225 minus, $140, equals, $85 (225 - 140 = 85)

    You save $85 on Black Friday by switching to XenForo.
    You save $110 every other day of the week (250 - 140 = 110), by switching to XenForo.

    So much for their "sale" :ROFLMAO:
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
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  13. Sheldon

    Sheldon Well-Known Member


    Ummmmm. What?

    No matter how I subtract, I can't get that number... :cautious:

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  14. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    Small mistype (slip of the keyboard) should read 85, not 84 :p
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  15. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    It's a way for retailers to trick people to buy many products at the same prices they were offered at earlier this year. Prices take a steep incline before Black Friday, and then again after Black Friday but drop around February for most things.
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  16. akia

    akia Well-Known Member

    Ah that makes sense. In the UK the sales start after xmas and its all the stuff that's not sold before. I thought it was odd there being a big sales period in the run up to xmas.

    I guess then the equivalent in the UK to black Friday would be DFS having a sale. :p
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  17. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member


    I dunno what it is with these Sofa companies. I can tell you, I do get tired at the amount of commercials advertising sofas, sofa beds etc on the TV. I always ensure the tv is switched off after xmas.

    Almost as bad as the go compare commercials, almost. :X3::D
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  18. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Speaking of insurance commercials, this is what I saw outside my lounge window at the weekend...



    For those of you wondering what the hell that is:

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