Any Real Lawyers Here ?

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I am guessing Lawyers can afford to stick a lot of nice stuff up their nostrils (I am Referring to PERFUME befire anyone feels the need to rip me to shreeds). As a Lawyer i am guessing they can afford to do almost anything they like.... But are they rich enough to do this i wonder ??

I am looking to enter a Online Business Partnership with a fellow minded person, Now the person, The person in question has already produced some already popular releases that are making sales already, while my upcoming Products (Designs and Addons) are still being developed.. To put a long story shorty it appears as i have little to offer at this point int time whereas the other person has a much greater set of offerings, This person in question stands to lose a lot more than myself should anything go wrong... I am happy to forfeit all my products / ideas / contributions etc etc to help set the other guys mind at ease.

Could such an Agreement / Template / Contract or any other legal binding form of paper be produced that would hold up in court (God forbid it ever reached that stage !!!).. But to ensure everyone involved and before we even begin to dream what the future may hold.. We need to know that this would stand up in court and protect my fellow / hopeful / potential Business Partner.

If Anyone / any Lawyers are able to produce this for us or even just help assist us to create our own version (That is legally binding) I am prepared to offer you my Website Design & Development services in return.. or assist you with other aspects of your website / online project.

Regards, Darren
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