Any one imported VB?


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I see couple of people reporting errors on importer. Just wanted to check if there is any one who has successfully imported VB


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i imported my vbulletin 4.0.7 without errors, just the attachments i lost.
however there is a way to fix that.

check my forum if you want


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We imported vB4 fine, but since its just a test forum we left out posts and threads, instead we just imported PM's, users, profile messages, forums, etc...
Our DB is huge, a full import would take hours.

Paul M

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How could you import vB4? I currently only see a vB3 importer. :(
As posted elsewhere, the vb3 importer should import everything except attachments.

It would only take some minor code changes to fix it to import vb4 attachments.


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Ok, one feature is not working after the import:

Profile > Information > Find all threads by wii

Doesn't show any results, even though there are many threads started by me.

Other than this, the board is working 100%


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I only got problem with import PM from 3.8.6.
Everything else imported fine.
And you need to rebuild the search after import.


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I've been grinding through an import on our testbed, but it keeps choking on the user table with a deadlock error. If I hit the browser back button it seems to pick back up where it left off, but I'm worried that it may be missing records. If you have a largish User table (we're at about 160K records) expect it to take a looooooong time to import. We also had to make the tweak to the vbulletin.php that sneakydave posted in order to get the user import to function.


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My import on an old forum I use for testing now went well... except the "join date" under my account indicates the date that I installed xenForo... every one else's info looks fine. And the attachments issue, imported from a vb 4.0.7 board.

Other then this, it went very smooth.

steven s

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Nope. Did not import all my forums or private messages.
Since it's hung up on forums I don't know if it will import threads.
I'm stuck.