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Any Motorbike fans here ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ExpertPixels.com, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    Ive got a interest in Motorbikes and have a domain name that can be used and also a spare XF license.. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a site / forum for Motorbikes ?? Or possible even step it up a little and do a forum for "Big Boys Toys" a larger site for stuff like boats / bikes / cars etc etc..

  2. Mike Edge

    Mike Edge Formerly Da Bookie Mon

    Maybe a cool Vespa/Lambretta niche site.

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  3. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    Yeah i was thinking a little more along the lines of having a 1000cc engine hanging off that but happy to make a sub forum for Vespas lol.. Tell you what living in Melbourne i am starting to see a lot of them getting around now.. Might be a growing niche.

  4. OSS 117

    OSS 117 Well-Known Member

    No valid M class license here, but loved them when I was younger. Every time I see a good liter bike I want one, but then remember it's not for me because of height and age. Plenty of unique or crafty domain names you can think of. If I may, you may be seeing a lot of them in Melby because there's a quality channel on YouTube by a bloke named Tom, IIRC. He's from Melby and has a strong motorbike channel going on. Here's the channel.


    If memory serves me correct, he rides an older Ducati in one of the videos he's got. Great bikes, good bit of grunt without that annoying whine Japanese bikes have.
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  5. tajhay

    tajhay Well-Known Member

    Growing niche and already well covered ;)

    @ExpertPixels.com meet your rival Netrider.net.au @Mouth
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  6. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    HAHAHA Awesome :)

    Hey in Melb they are popular and well with our crazy drivers / traffic here they would certainly be cheap way to get around.. tho my worry with the Vespa's is not the look or well the look of them and unwanted attention one may draw.. but the lack of power to get you out of trouble if you did ever need jump on the throttle to save being hit or to avoid a accident.

  7. Mouth

    Mouth Well-Known Member

    I've got a passing interest ;)
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