XF 2.0 Any Issues With Dropping Non-XF Tables?


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I thought I might have the option to uninstall an addon after I upgraded, but the addons don't even appear in the Admin CP for me to uninstall. If I want to remove those addons, is it safe to drop those tables in the db, or is there still a risk of screwing up the forum?

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Any add-ons installed in XF 1.5 will appear in the add-on list in 2.0 under the title of "Legacy add-ons". Note, you will have to go to the actual add-ons page, the Admin CP home page will only list "normal" Installed add-ons.

If you are not going to use an add-on or don't expect it to be updated for 2.0 then you should uninstall it before upgrading to 2.0.

Uninstalling after the upgrade will remove the add-on from the installed add-on list, but none of the uninstallation code can be performed, so it will leave behind any tables and data.