Any examples of forums closed to ANY postings?


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For discussions sake, let's say there was a forum about a classic car (Corvette) or boats (Boston Whaler, etc.) and it filled up over 10+ years with posts, information, manuals, etc....

At some point the new posts are just rehashes or, worse yet, flame wars and useless all the security concerns, etc.

Are there any successful examples of "full" forums being closed to any posting and then acting as a info database for years into the future?

I ask this more for my own personal interest than in hopes of doing so myself. I wonder if google depreciates forums harder than it does blogs or CMS's when there are no new posts?

Any experiences? Links?

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The only examples I've seen are ones where the site was using an obsolete platform and just started anew on another platform and left the latter in archive mode. I can't say I know of any these days.