Another Question before you buy.


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Hello everyone!

My name is Jennifer and I am currently running VB 5.05 Connect that I absolutely one thousand percent detest. The problems that are behind this unfriendly user software are killing the website and I am currently looking at a new message board when your name came up.

I am running
Eleven2 hosting with Linux, litespeed, php 5.3.16 MySQL 5.1.70

My stats are as follows,
Data usage 5.99 GB
Index Usage 802.84 MB
Attachment 2.66 GB
Avatar 3.75 MB
Profile Pict 638.5 KB

I do not have the old Backup VB4 Database.

I have read that in order to do the conversion you will need a to do a couple of steps. I being fully capable of doing this after upgrading to VB 5.05 have lost all confidence in doing another upgrade am wondering who I can pay to do this for my rather large bulletin board and convert it to XenForo if I chose to do this? And would you recommend we did this on an 10 plus year old board?

I need help and thank you in advance


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There are no direct vB5 to XenForo importers so you would have to do a two-stage import, assuming there is one for a compatible software such as IPB3, phpBB3 or vB4.


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Thank you for the link Amaury, it is helpful. Very sorry I did not see this forum before

I hope this can handle a large 5.05 conversion would be my next question. I will start my reviews of the forum.

Edit, Thank you Brogan you came in after my reply


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I had a VB 5.03 Connect system that was started last July. We started off ok, but upgrades that killed some basic features of VB and we started losing users. I followed the VB forums and appreciated Luke's comments and helps. But I didn't see anything about fixing broken software soon.

Earlier this month, I made the move from VB 5.05 to a brand new community on xF. We did not bring over users and messages into xF. We did send emails out to the users in our VB database and we're seeing members coming back. The message subscriptions do work on xF!

I got an email from VB Admin advertising they have started a new service hosting VB sites on their cloud and one advantage listed was immediate upgrades. I can't imagine hosting sites IF the basic software has issues with basic features.

Welcome to xF - I think you'll like it and more importantly - your members will like it as well.

- Bill