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XF 1.4 Another problem

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by foci, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. foci

    foci Member

    I have a user that requested his account to be deleted.

    We deleted his account but now he has re-joined.

    Is there any way I can easily link his old posts to his new account?

    As always your help is appreciated

  2. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    There is no option for that in the core software.

    You can check the resources to see if there is an add-on available which may do it.
  3. foci

    foci Member

    Ive had a look and can't see anything. I have had this before on mybb and it was just a case of changing the member number.

    Oh well

    Thanks brogan
  4. Steve F

    Steve F Well-Known Member

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