Anonymous Threads and Posting with Custom Registration Page -PAID-


What I am looking for:

Everyone must be registered and logged in to view the board.
All threads and posts need to be completely anonymous to all normal users.
Only admins and mods will see who is posting what.
Custom registration page that clearly defines who is allowed to register, specifically who is NOT allowed.
Custom Login page restating who allowed and NOT allowed.
Preferably with an ip address log of where each reg/log in takes place regardless of posting activity.
I want to know if a users is logging in from a work computer even if they do not post.

This will be for a local government employees board to help identify various issues we are having along with things to be listed onto a whistle blowers website.

We workers need the confidence to be able to post without retribution from supervisors, management or other unwanted visitors. No to mention the freedom to speak openly without grief from co-workers. I realize that users could pick unique user names. However, I want nothing identifying posters (except for me).

I can pay $100 usd for all of this. It will be used on a fresh install using AudentioDesign's UI.X theme.

Liam W

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I shall message you now - this seems doable.

EDIT: I am unable to message you, and you have not been active in 10 days.