Announcing XenForo Cloud

Over the past ten years, XenForo has grown its market share consistently, helping all-new communities to spring forth and giving those previously running on other software platforms the opportunity to migrate and take advantage of the stability and rich functionality offered by our platform.

But there has always been a barrier to entry. Prospective community managers had to organise their own web hosting, manage the download and installation of the XenForo software and supervise any software updates that come down the pipeline.

Today, we are delighted to announce that this barrier is soon to be removed. We have been busy building a class-leading, rock solid platform upon which we will be able to offer XenForo as a turnkey managed service.

We call it XenForo Cloud.​

XenForo Cloud will enable community managers to be up and running in minutes on a platform purpose-built and preconfigured to run XenForo at its best. With XenForo Cloud, you can spend your valuable time nurturing your community instead of managing the software. Forget about server management, maintenance issues and software updates, it's all part of the service.

Of course, the advent of XenForo Cloud will not mean the end of XenForo in its current form. XenForo will continue to be available as a package for installation on customers’ servers.

All XenForo Cloud subscribers will benefit from the entire XenForo software suite including the XenForo Media Gallery, XenForo Resource Manager and XenForo Enhanced Search, which not only supercharges the search system within XenForo, but also enables the Similar Threads feature debuted with XenForo 2.2. All new XenForo features will roll out to Cloud subscribers automatically.

XenForo Cloud subscriptions will be available from $60 per month and packages will be available to suit communities at any scale.

Answers to questions you may have​

Why has this not been available before?​

As with everything we do, we prefer not to deploy systems or features until we consider them to be complete, compelling and above all, absolutely solid. Rather than rushing to market with a platform that is not best-in-class, we have opted to wait until we have something that will exceed the expectations anyone might have of a managed hosting system from the makers of XenForo.

Will XenForo Cloud support third party add-ons?​

Yes, although some add-ons may be flagged for inspection prior to deployment to ensure the security of your site.

Can I use my own, or third party styles and language packs?​

Yes. The asset-upload and style archive systems from XenForo 2.2 allow styles with customized style properties, templates and graphics to be deployed to sites running on XenForo Cloud.
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