XF 1.1 An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later.

Digital Doctor

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Yesterday, there were reports on my friend's xenforo about this error.
My friend attributed it to either the host or xenforo going through some cron jobs.

Of course, the error is gone now.
I'm researching what might be reasons why someone might get this error.

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- in that thread Floris has some good suggestions which applies to this situation.

And confirm the data in config.php is accurate and up to date.

If the new server doesn't use APC or other caching, but your config has been set to cache, turn it off.

Check the php/mysql version, did you down or upgraded them?

Turn on debug mode and load the page again, see if you get any further details.

Check the error log file on the server to see what the server is complaining about.
Research continues.
The Debug mode + error logs is a good idea.