Add-on An Improved "What's New"


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One of my members has requested something like this, and I think it's a great idea. Willing to pay mod coder if required too.

At present, the "What's New" (example) doesn't sort the new stuff very well. Working on the idea of the Member List Manager Add-on, I'm thinking it could be made similar to that in that you can pick how/what it displays:

Options chooseable:

  • Default (what it does on default, all recent threads including those that haven't been updated since last visit)
  • New replies & posts past 24 hours
  • New replies & posts past X amount of days (with x amount choosable by the viewer, max 7 days)

Digital Doctor

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I like this idea.

One option that might or might not work for the member is ... to use the Mark Forums Read (top left in the Forums tab). If you Mark all forums read ... when you check ... you get just new posts.