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XF 1.3 An help from a CSS expert


Well-known member
Hello mates, here's my forum


and works perfectly but I've a small CSS problem that bothers me from when I've inserted some modifications (with the help of Shelley and some others) the let me have the header of the forum to stay fixed when you scroll down the page so I'm asking for a little help from a CSS expert that let me fix that one.

When I browse the forum and click on a thread recently updated where there are some unread messages, this is what I get

Schermata 2014-08-07 alle 17.22.19.png
instead of this

Schermata 2014-08-07 alle 17.23.01.png
practically speaking the bottom part that scroll is positioned uncorrectly so that the first unread message is cut as you can see.

There's someone out there that can help me sort out this? I know that probably is just a CSS problem that can be fixed modifying some code but I'm not a coder so I'm not able to sort it out by myself...

Thanks in advance...