An API Question

I don't really know the details.

I was trying to sell the idea of switching my community to xenForo from Invision Powered.

Our main coder had some questions, he asked if there was an API. I won't pretend to know what that is or how they work, it's so not my department.

He explained that he uses the API to communicate with our Arma 3 server, and our server administration website. He said that the API is important in that our servers are controlled through the forums.

(Like, if someone purchases donator perks through the forums, it is automatically applied to his profile in game, same principle for bans/unbans.)

I searched for API related queries, I could not differentiate between things that related to my question and otherwise. I'm really kept around over there for my sparkling personality, not my technical know how...

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
There is more than one add-on in our Resource Manager which adds API functionality to XenForo. It may be worth looking at the resource descriptions of these, recent updates and the discussion thread attached to them to see if they might fit your needs.

Adding an API to XenForo itself has been suggested.