Not planned An additional thread view to make thread replies look more organized.


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Note that this suggestion is not absolutely equal to what complained by the webmaster of MacRumors ("Arn"):

I see that @arn wants to see XF can cope with necessaries like "replies to one reply are shown right beneath a reply".

Though XF2.2 allows users to vote, I see (both) Brogan (and I) hold(s) strong hatred towards in-thread replies.
My hatred doesn't count, but Brogan's preference can be too strong to affect dev's decisions (stronger than vote stats).
Therefore, I create this thread so we can discuss new ways to cope with such necessities without introducing in-thread replies.

This new view can be specifically enabled / disabled for any thread type by default, and can be overridden by end user through UserCP.

(to Devs: Please pay attention to likes pressed to possible useful replies in this thread.)
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My idea comes first:

It occurred to me that there is a tree-style view in vBulletin 3 (not enabled by most vB3 forums now, including
What about bringing that thread view style into XF2 as an option?


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I'm going to close this suggestion as I'm not really clear on what the suggestion is, at least based on the first post. If people have individual thoughts, they're probably best posted as individual suggestions.

If we take the full threaded view proposal as the suggestion, I can say "not planned" on that. A mixed linear and threaded view don't work particularly well unless you start making compromises on the linear view and that isn't something we'd consider.