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Amount of links within caption area of tags & fields


Active member
Is the amount of links adjustable within the caption area of tags & fields. My users are reporting me that when they use more than 7 links within the caption of tags and fields the links are being automatically removed. Administrators actually can use more than 7 links.

I was looking to increase the number of links a registered user can apply within the caption area. Is it possible?


Active member
The user who asked my about this issue first, told me that he is now able to use more links whereas I did not change anything.


XenForo developer
Staff member
There are options for max title/description length, but there aren't specific link limits that I can see. It shouldn't be auto truncating either (but erroring).


Active member
Okay thank you Mike.
I could also not replicate that problem and since one user told me that it is working now I hope that it is resolved.