American Trophy Showcase - hunting forum

Digital Doctor

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Interesting Forum Design with each main forum topic being a Tab.
ie. Deer, Predator, Birds, Big Game.
You'll need to keep making content to attract Big Game (ie. lots of members).


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Thanks guys - the tabbed categories was helped from the plugin here.. When the client explained what type of site he wanted, I instantly thought of xenforo.

Now that our devs learned it, i'll have em work on my sites ;)


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I really like it!

I love the layout, the navigation, the style, the header images for each forum. Pretty cool :)

I did notice that your primary content on the messages could use about 5px of margin at the top so they don't overlap the message header though.



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Well done,
I think this site is one of the best I have seen for a long time. Like everyone else I like the tabs and think you have done a fantastic job here.