Amazon Subscription Payments


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Basically same fees as PayPal (for normal, volume as well as micro payments), but they don't add 1% for international transactions like PayPal does. So 1% cheaper if you are dealing with international payments, the same otherwise.
What is international transaction as defined by Paypal? Is it for anytime where the billing address of the CC used is oversea?


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Yes please. I would very much like to see Amazon be included.
Me too!

More and more users of my websites refuse to open an account with paypal to pay for permium memberships or donations. Also more and more user do not want to use their credit card on the internet because of security risks.

Amazon is a very good solution because many/most users do have an account with Amazon alreadyand then they can pay with banktransfer without putting again new bank details into a new service provider account.

Also the reputation of Amazon is excellent. Nobody fears that their data is not protected there...

I do not care about costs or fees I have to pay to a PayPal alternative, as long as I get the users, which I otherwsie would not get at all. A small part of something is still better than nothing!


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I don't think we will get this integrated in XenForo anytime soon.
xfrocks is charging $100 to start Amazon payments paygate development if anyone is interested:


so as far as I understoood this addon, after I pay 100 USD, I can offer my user both, paypal and amazon payments at the same time and no recurring subscription started woth paypal in the past will break?

If yes and all future updates for future XF version would be free, I would be willing to fund this with others together if more people are interested. Please post here, if you would like to join the funding.


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We will also like to see Amazon implemented.
Great. If we all put together the money, then it is really not that expensive per head. Maybe we find 5-10 people. That would make 10-2o USD for each one.

Sounds reasonable for the benefit of having Amazon Payments integrated...