Amazing images of the volcano eruption in Chile


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It's a volcano.
But volcano's do varying amount of damage after the immediate damage of the eruption. The produce varying amounts of silica dust depending on type. This one might have as it's most dangerous gases being sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide creating vog. If there is a large amount of silica there could be severe lung damage far away from the event. The silica content varies quite a bit. It is not just size on these kinds of events but prevailing winds, where it happens, and geological composition. It is going to harm more people via silicosis and silicotuberculosis if the suspended or airborn silica content is high. Much fewer will be harmed if it is low. There are several descriptions for compositions like felsic, andesetic, and mafic.

Cristobalite airborn in the ash cloud can increase the danger posed by a volcano. It has been a long time since there has been a volcano that produced a lot of Marie's disease but I think that day will come again.


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Volcanic Ash -- Effects on Health and Mitigation Strategies

Volcanic ash may contain varying proportions of free crystalline silica (silicon .... Trauma, including death, Monitor areas that will receive ash fall and ... - Cached - Similar

“Inhaling silica into your respiratory system can lead to a deadly, chronic lung disease called silicosis that can damage the lungs and heart,” Alvarez said. “It also increases the potential of developing lung cancer.”
Silicosis is an incurable, irreversible lung disease that progresses even after exposure has ended"
Mt St Helen's had free silica in the air but not that much. The Wyoming caldera is expected to have a deadly amount in the air.


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I'd like to only comment on the topic and the fact that the pictures are amazing! :D

I agree with jmurrayhead, those lightening strike pictures are just absolutely stunning.


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Damn looks absolutely stunning never seen such detailed pictures from volcano eruption .


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I think kiers reply was sarcastic... you realy did not have to put 2 posts explaining the dangers...
When I do see things like this the first thing I think of is the effect on people. I probably should not have made that initial post but that is what comes to mind. I was not planning on posting again in this thread.

While I am not a vulcanologist at all I have however been involved in karst topography which has some overlap with vulcanology. It is difficult for me to let a statement that lumps them all together go. They are not the same and the dangers are not the same. I will not post in this thread again and I won't bring science into anything out here again.