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in our old vBulletin forum the software automatically creates a new thread for each report in a special internet subforum, where moderators can discuss the case. We love this method.

Now we have the XenForo report workflow, which we do not like very much. Can we reactivate the above method?

Our staff members were also used to ban users directly with one mouseclick, which is also no longer possible. What are your experiences with the XenForo reporting system? Any ideas how to improve?

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Yes, you can have reports go to a specific forum: ACP > Options > User Discouragement and Discipline

Scroll to the bottom and you'll see an option Send Reports into Forum - select the forum you'd like the reports to go to and it will disable the report centre and use this forum instead. (y)

We prefer this method and use it on all our forums.

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I would honestly give the Report Center more time. You can still discuss reports using the comment system, along with assigning to users and clearly marking them as resolved, etc.

In terms of banning members, this is managed either from the Admin CP, or moderators can do it using the warning system. You would just create a warning that issues a certain number of points, and then have a warning action that permanently bans a user when that number of points has been reached.

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It's still an immediate ban, just one that is applied by the warning system. It has the added benefit of being logged against the user, too, so should the ban ever be lifted, you've always got that record there on the warnings tab of their profile. There's no other solution at this time.


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Another question ==> How can I customize the title of a automatic generated report-thread?
It's a phrase: reported_thread_title

I'm not sure which variables are exposed / available, but did change ours to include the person reporting:
Reported Content: {title} by {username} - reported by: {reporter}


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An add-on is not required for this. This can be done with the default XenForo features.

Admin CP > Options > User Discouragement and Discipline

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