Not planned Alteration to install template Page_Container Javascript Locations


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I know I've mentioned to @Mike a few times that when installing / upgrading I need to click "next" manually instead of having each step advance automatically. This is essentially down to the use of the page_speed mod, or cloudflare (with flexible SSL) - both of which are commonly used.

To work around this, could the javascript includes in the install/upgrade Page_Container reference files in this manner:-

I can confirm this fixes the issues during install / upgrade.

This only seems to affect the install and upgrade process - it isnt an issue on the main site.


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I don't really foresee us changing anything here. This appears to be a specific issue to your setup, breaking very simple JS file references (actually simpler than the ones on the main pages because there's no <base> tag). AFAIK, other people run optimization modules such as mod_pagespeed without any reported issues; if there is an issue with them, they should probably reported to the development teams of these modules as we're not doing anything exotic with how the JS files are accessed.

What you're proposing may actually make initial installation harder for some situations as where, particularly where the URL isn't detected as expected, which does happen with some uncommon setups.