[Already Exists] Large Images added to posts?


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But it doesnt work for images added, well it doesnt in the post i've added a large image??



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There's nothing to fix.
The lightbox isn't triggered by an embedded image from a URL.

See this post by Kier: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/lightbox-missing-in-default-rc2-install.11972/#post-158649
We can only attach the lightbox trigger to attached images, although we can display all images from the page within the lightbox once it's open.

The rationale is that with hot-linked images, we can't be sure if we're supposed to be looking at the thumbnail, or a full sized image, or a small image etc., and we can't tell what (if anything) it's supposed to do when you click it. It's safer to not attach our own click events, as the behavior is simply not knowable.