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Duplicate Allowing Links and Thumbs in Poll

Hi folks,

I'm new here and have to look around. But i have an importent Question.
The admins of our board decided to change the boardsoftware from vBulletin to xenoforo. Thats great and no problem. But in the old software we where able to add links and thumbnails to a poll.
Thats importent for me, cause we have a photocontest which ist decided over that poll.

Now all old polls have links which are not longer able to klick on. The Url is also cutetd and incomplete. Maybe there is a limitation for number of sign? I tried to add BBCode and html Code, nothing works.

Have anyone a solution to fix this problem, and make me able to create polls with clickable thumbnail links?
In two weeks the next poll should start, so we hope to find a way until this date.