Allow Xenforo syntax in custom pages

I've been redesigning my site and I plan to use XenForo as my new forum software, however, I'll be using XenForo as the entire site. I plan to modify the main page to be my home page for the site, and to create a custom page to list the forums as it would on the normal main forum page. However, XenForo syntax isn't allowed in the custom pages.

I think adding XenForo syntax to custom pages would definitely allow for more creativity and freedom with XenForo, adding functionality to custom pages, rather than them just being stale pages. Which would also encourage the use of XenForo as a CMS/Forum integration as a whole.
I want to copy all of the stuff from the template of the node list, and use it in a custom page so that it displays the different forums and recent posts, etc.


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Pages support php callback so that functionality is possible.

Pages aren't designed to be used as a CMS though.
So I could just use regular PHP and use all of the same variables XenForo has? I'm not entirely sure what php callbacks are exactly.