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On user profiles there's a number of stats:

Reaction Score

These are all clickable apart from reaction score. This doesn't really make sense as the page sort of already exists, but you can only look at your own reaction's received score at /account/reactions

Please expose present this stats data and make it available for all users.

Xon's reaction add on does this and it's nice. It also shows how many of specific reactions that user has given as well as received.


I just tested a new site with a few users and they all tried to click on the reaction score when exploring the profile pages. Didn't make much sense to them that it was the only one not interactive.
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You have my vote on this. Putting this in the core seems almost necessary in my personal opinion. I see no reason why the majority of people would care to disagree. The best idea in my opinion is to allow for an option for it. When you see the amount of reactions on the user profile page it would help if you could see how many of each reaction you have received.

The total reaction count isn't bad but how would you know the amount you've received for each one outside the account area is the question. Would be a nice addition in the core.
Yeah, I just looked at it again. The account/reactions page is good to see a list of recent reactions and links to the relevant content.

But from the profile page and membercard even just the stats presented well would be nice, sort of like this:

This has already been suggested.

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