Allow user names of 2 letters


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This is the common problem for me exactly at all VB forums - but this one seems to be different?
Anyway, again I've had to add some fantastic ending to my 10-year old nick when registered here.
Strange, but phpbb owners do not make me disfigure my perfect alias..

You have just to put "minimum 2 letters in an alias"... by default. Because thousands of the Vb owners never change it because they don't know what it's for.. )))

God bless you, brothers. (who ever respect gods now? look, how you treat me..)))


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Well the user has simply stated that his preferred username is Ra, which is the Egyptian sun god.

However, it would seem there is a minimum of 3 characters required for the username so he has been forced to add a “)” to the end of it.

Personally I would have gone for “Ra.”, assuming periods are permitted.


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or (Ra) to make it look more sunlike.
I see his point though. It's like search engines not allowing 3 character words when soooo many web terms ARE 3 letters (CSS, RSS, SSH etc.) I know it's a problem when building indexes, but it should be easy to enable as some sites REALLY need short words.


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You can probably configure it to allow one-char usernames if you like. But it makes searching hard, due to the nature of MySQL fulltext indexes.


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Thanks to all
Especially with Ra&%$^%$^% :D
I hope it won't become a trend to offer my alias variant. anyway, then i'll get famous))

Another example that I always meet - Audi TT
You really cannot use it in forums or search for "tt" :mad:
but I want to use information on TT and not always Audi

I meant - please, 2 letters by default.
p.s. my logo is Ra) now (vbulls won) that mean a smile and a sun and (somewhere in deep) me..


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I actually second this.
Whenever it's possible I just use my initials as username. But that's almost never possible on vBulletin forums and not here either.
Allowing 2 characters usernames as default would be great. :)

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There's a Korean man (I think) called X O - he holds the record for the worlds shortest name. He'd never be able to register on a forum with his real name. :(
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Many many years agao, I had to transcribe paper documents into some sort of spreadsheet. One of the names I had to enter was Ng and the spreadsheet software would not accept names less than 3 characters long. I was told to simply add an X to the persons name, so mr Ng became Mr NgX!
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Not a bug, it just depends how the various tables are populated.

In this case the username field for likes will have been set by the username as was at the time.

However, if name changes are going to be allowed, then it probably needs to be addressed.
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You're now 'Ra', Ra) :)
Thanks, God!
You know, gods always understand each other.. We have to stay together not to be offended by people..


I will pay back when you'll require russian localized files - by occasion happened that i relocated a couple of thousand years ago to Russia because the climate there's a bit milder than in Egypt.
I gave Russians a language so i know it better than any Russian in the universe ))).

P.s. As a god to a god: really, please, never make buttons or commands of 2 words which are also used separately elsewhere in the forum. It cannot be translated to any other language correctly 'cos words in other languages have endings. Different endings depending on situation.
I wanted to kill vb for that e.g. "Post an article" can't be translated right. This phrase must be the whole one and not complex of two other commands. On vb the final translated phrase looked as if said by a robot or an idiot ))).
P.p.s. I love the forum. Great job's done!