Not planned Allow option for not collapsing the breadcrumbs


Since this isn't easily editable:

Posting it here as a feature request. In my forum, there are few forum/subforum levels, and it looks terrible having something like "Forums > ... > X" when in 100% of the cases, having full breadcrumbs fits fine (and it's a weird UX issue for users to figure out)

Javascript is collapsing the items. It would be great if there was a panel option to turn off this auto-collapsing.

thanks for the consideration!
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I'm going to tag this as "not planned", but that's a bit of a misnomer. I looked at your site and I can confirm the issue is happening. However, open up this thread in a new window:

Now resize the window. You'll see that it only hides elements that can't fit (to prevent wrapping).

Your site appears to be behaving differently and I believe that may be down to style customizations that you have made. (As a random other example, the page nav "scroller" behaves strangely on your site too.)
Huh, interesting - that's good to know that it's an issue on our end and I really appreciate the info. We have a totally merged system and have XF in our 'shell', per se, but are trying to modify XF as little as possible to avoid such conflicts.

Will look into it, thank you!
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