Allow Moderator to Modify Permissions


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Here's what I'd like to do:

We have some plain moderators for forums, and we'd like to have a system so that registered users cannot post in such forums by default, but also have the ability for that forum's moderator to grant/revoke permission for registered users to post in the forum(s) they moderate.
I have some coding experience and have done a few small things to Xenforo, but how to accomplish this escapes me completely. Any ideas?


Jon W

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I have an add-on that should be able to do just this and will be releasing very shortly.

Essentially, the add-on (paid for by shawn) allows you to assign moderators to user groups and then allow members to request to join a user group. The moderators will then approve/deny this request and also have the option to revoke.

You would then just need to set up user groups that had the appropriate permissions.

Drop me a message, and I'll send you a sneak preview...