Allow guest votes on polls, require email address


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We need a solution for this:

1. allow guests to vote on polls by requiring email address, store email address somewhere for us to export. Use the normal spam functions if possible.
- can store the email addresses on a page we can then export to a csv and upload to our email provider.

Not everyone wants to sign up to the site, but a lot are willing to answer a poll with a quick email address.

2. show poll results without reloading page.

3. place poll at end of thread/AMS articles instead of at top, so readers see it in context and don't skip it when it's at beginning.
-- I was able to get a LOT more results with having polls at the end of an article, so the readers can answer the poll after reading the story/post. We're down to minimal results with the poll being at the top of threads.
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