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XF 1.2 Allow Google Indexing + Auto-Approve Guest Posts


I'm stuck on two (unrelated) issues and would really appreciate some help:

1. Right now, Google Indexing is disallowed for my site. I can't find the option to essentially set "index, follow" on all pages by default in the ACP.
Also, what is the recommended method to edit robots.txt? (FTP/XF ACP)

2. I've enabled guests to reply to threads via group permissions. Indeed, guests can now reply but each reply has to be approved by an admin. I want guest replies to be posted automatically without approval, and can't find the setting for that. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!


XenForo moderator
Staff member
1. Download robots.txt via your FTP application, edit it, upload it again. If you don't want Google to index your site, edit it accordingly.

2. Set Follow message moderation rules to Allow for the Unregistered user group.