XF 1.4 Allow cookies on whole domain?


Our forum is on www.MySite.com/forum/
We custom built a Glassdoor competitor for our specific niche on www.MySite.com/reviews/
Most of the content will come from forum members, so /reviews/ accounts are connected to forum accounts. We want forum sessions to be seamlessly shared so that users don't have to log in a second time when they go to /reviews/

Can you provide guidance on how to allow cookies to be used on the whole www.MySite.com domain, instead of currently being limited to /forum/ ?

Also, do any potential issues with such an implementation come to mind?


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It's going to require custom development to integrate the forum with the reviews software.


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Brogan is right that it will require custom development for that part, but you can change the cookie config via config.php: https://xenforo.com/help/config-php-options/

See the options surrounding the cookie path and/or domain. Note that the path defaults to "/" so the cookies should already be available in /forum/ and /reviews/.


Yes, already did the custom development to integrate the forum user accounts with the reviews user accounts. Just sorting out sharing cookies. Thanks, Mike, we'll look into the resources you provided.