XF 1.1 All users are guests


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I just import everything from VB and it seems its working, but I have 2 things I think really wrong.

This are the groups I have after I deleted all imported groups.

Banned Users
Super Moderators
Unregistered / Unconfirmed (guest)

Now, I have almost all the users as "Guest", but the accounts seem to be valid.
It's normal to have it that way ?

I have a very few users as "New Member", but that text comes from the trophy titles. (I think...) So I need to know if this is fine and users will change to New member or I have to move them all. How does it work ?

If I go to users admin and see any of those "guest users" the user is in the Registered group.

Any advice ?



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Have you rebuilt the caches?

You also need to wait for the cron tasks to run, as well as members being active within the last 72 hours for any cron related changes to take effect.


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I just rebuilt the users cache and now they are New member. That name come from the trophy titles right ?