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All Rich Usernames 2.0.0 Beta 3

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Liam W

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Liam W submitted a new resource:

All Rich Usernames - All the rich usernames!

Simple XenForo 2.x add-on that changes all username calls to display them using the usergroup styling.

This may cause an increase in per-page queries, however if the data for a user is on the page, then that is cached and as such there are cases when no additional queries are required.

This add-on is live on my website:

Note: As this add-on is open source, the branding may be disabled without payment. Just disable the PAGE_CONTAINER template modification.
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Brad Padgett

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Nice release. Was a huge fan of this add-on for Xenforo 1. Will be using once Xenforo 2 is released.

I appreciate your hard work @Liam W

Hopefully any bugs will get worked out by the time I jump on board with it. Thanks again.


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Just a head up there's a conflict between this add-on and theme house reactions o the index page when I have reactions enabled the username style doesn't show
I downloaded this add-on and tested with theme house reactions enabled and works fine for me :unsure:

Jake B.

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Nope I still have reactions disabled do you per chance also have DB credits
Which add-on did you install first? I've tried installing this with and without reactions and haven't been able to replicate this issue, so I wonder if it's a combination of Reactions and another add-on that breaks this since it does come back when you disable reactions. Could you try disabling all add-ons other than reactions and this one to see if it works then?