Lack of interest Alert when daily registrations double or triple, etc....


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It would be really neat to have some "alarms" which would be able to be set by the admins to send them an email/alert when certain metrics, especially new registrations, go over a predefined limit.

As an example, we may get 20-30 valid registrations per day, but in the last month there have been a couple days (maybe xrumer broke our captcha, etc.) where it went up to 400+.

Sure, we can deal with them after the fact, but we don't discover them until they start to post, etc.

This could be as simple as a small cron job which "inform admins when daily registrations are over X", X could be a number or multiple (based on average of last week, etc.).....

Sample enclosed shows that registrations are usually within a range when things are normal.
Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.03.43 PM.png


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Some alarms would be useful for detecting outlying behaviour (number of conversations is a similar one and would highlight someone spamming members)


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I get an email on a new user registration, so any issues are apparent by the number of notifications coming in. I do like the idea of better "offline" tools like this to help admin though, which seem to be missing from XF. The developers seem to assume we only need info when we log in, but in fact we can't be online all the time and often we most need help when we're not online to know of problems. I don't know if it's different in 1.3 but in 1.1 I've also had to install a plugin to email me when content is reported (and this also texts me - handy!).