XF 1.4 Alert timings


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I'm very sure that I saw in the ACP a setting for alerts and timings thereof.
I've searched and can't find it, I have also searched these forums with no luck...

So, are the alerts time managed on a setting that we can adjust, or is it built in (hardcoded) and so on?
I am aware of the ajax situation of opening a new tab and then the ajax query will kick in, but I am very curious as I could've sworn I saw it somewhere that the alert timings are adjustable?

Or am I mistaken?
Many thanks... :)


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@Liam W thank you for the reply, but no sorry - I meant as in the timings themselves.. As in frequency. But thank you anyway, much appreciated.
@Brogan I see, okay thank you.. I was curious as to if it was possible to adjust it you see. Possibly minimise or extend it.
Eh, if ain't broke.... :p

Thanks both for the replies, I appreciate it.