Lack of interest Alert on Warning


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I know you can start a PC w/ the person when you make the warning but sometimes a whole conversation isn't necessary. the just need to be made aware.

"mod name" warned you for your "post"
w/ post & mod names being a links


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while i'm at it, from the warning page under "post public warning" I'd also like a reply to post option. it might even be nice to be able to do more than 1 thing.
  • Do Nothing
  • Delete Content
  • Post a Public Warning
  • Reply to Post - replies to their post w/ quote & the mod message
  • Alert User - gives them a notification of the warning


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also, more default settings for warnings.

as it is I can set a PC message but I can't tell it to tick, "send a pc" & lock it by default.

or tick "post public message" & the message text by default.