XF 1.4 Alert on site and emails for new posts stopped working.


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Alert on site and emails for new posts stopped working.
Starting last night it started, I have done no new addons, or edited anything on the server or software.
If I start a thread normally a response in the alert would show and a email would be sent. The new post in
the thread does not show up in the list at all not only not an alert but not on the alert list.

There are no server error logs, tried running crons manually no luck.
As mentioned just out of the blue stopped last night. I would think was an email issue
but the site alert is also not working. No other errors are found on the site and everything is working accept this. If one clicks on new posts you can see the new post made by a member, but no alerts onsite or email.



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I think it might be related to the 403 error code I reported on here thought it was resolved but noticed it popped up twice in the last few days. When clicking on alerts. Have any idea what folder or file runs the alert ? I think the permission my be off on it.


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A 403 error would very likely be unrelated.

Can you please check the information mentioned in my previous post?


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Its resolved , no idea how but now its working I did do anything, I actually think settings being saved
seems the issues as noted in another thread . Why its working now I have no idea. But now I have those other issues
in the other thread I have here.