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As designed Albums - If no video has been uploaded. Why does filters show video


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Here is a good example of an album. I found.


Someone has uploaded 1 image to his album. Now if i click on "fliters"

I can choose "Any/Images/Videos/Embeds"

If there are no videos or embeds, Why would those words show up?

Shouldn't videos and embeds be hidden until there is actual videos/embeds in the album?

Ive seen it everywhere actually. Even if your website doesn't allow embeding videos or there hasn't been 1 embed video in the media section. It still shows up in filters
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Chris D

XenForo developer
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You will indeed see it everywhere. Even XF and RM. Imagine there's no paid products in the RM, you still see that filter.

There's no global switch as such for turning on or off certain media types so there's not really enough information to conclusively show or hide the filter.

One way it could be done is to count the types of media in each container and only show the filters accordingly. We don't do that at the moment, and doing so is a challenge even then because of various privacy and visibility options. It could be created as a suggestion but even then it's not particularly one that would be straight forward to implement properly.