Fixed Album next/prev display inconsistency with videos?

Affected version 2017-10-05


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I noticed this inconsistency here on

For this album:


... I get this when viewing an image from the album:


... seems the videos from the album aren't displaying in the previews at the bottom?


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I'm still seeing the same effect here on

Or is it just something which hasn't been fixed in dev but not rolled out here yet?


Chris D

XenForo developer
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That's the correct behaviour.

You're viewing the first item of the album, and the selected item always appears in the middle of the film strip.

You'll notice there are some differences between that screenshot and your first one. Notably, there's no longer a weird placeholder after the last image, and the next button works.

It's designed to be quite symmetrical. There's always 3 items either side of the selected item which is always in the middle.


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Okay - I can see what's happening now.

It does seem a little weird - especially when paging back and potentially getting just a single image on the far right of the list, but once you understand what it's trying to do, it is consistent.