XF 1.1 akamaihd.net?


I use Firefox and Noscript, so basically any web page I visit, I have to pick and choose which sites I want to allow scripts to run from on any given page.

Tonight, I noticed that my XenForo forum is popping up with the notice that there are scripts that are being blocked, from the site "akamaihd.net". I did a quick search of the page source and didn't see any reference to that site, so I'm assuming it must be in some server-side code somewhere, or somewhere else that I can't see directly in the source.

I noticed the same thing is happening here as well. Was there a recent change somewhere that now uses code from akamaihd.net?

Jake Bunce

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Akamai is a huge content provider. It's not uncommon to see them used by web sites.

I do not see Akamai being used here on xenforo.com. What page is it? I have noscript.


For me it does.

Or, I suppose to be more precise I should say that NoScript thinks that there is a script from akamaihd.net being run on this thread.

I don't think it's a big deal. I just pointed it out because it seemed new to me. I honestly still don't know what is going on, but as you said, akamaihd.net is a known entity, so I'm not too worried about it.


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I have the same, even on this page: noscript in FF blocks content/scripts from akamaihd.net. There is no reference to akamaihd.net within the sourcecode. It happens on xenforo homepage, forums startpage an within threads, but not in forums listings - so everywhere, where the Twitter and Facebook button is included. Same happens on my own site, but only on the exact two pages, where a Facebook (no Twitter button there) button is included.

So, for me Facebook delivers content/scripting via akamaihd.net, which is a giant content provider. Nothing to be afraid of for the moment (trojan, virus, malware scripting...), but maybe in general, because that provider becomes too huge: