Add-on Ajax Pagination for threads


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Hi everyone,

One more important thing i feel for the xenForo. Here it is:

Create a link at the bottom "Show More Threads" instead of numeric pagination then Clicking this link should show twenty more threads right under it (so the forum index then shows 40 threads instead of 20). Clicking on it again then shows the 20 next threads (so 60 total). Etc. Every click is twenty more threads that show up. This link must be both on the forum index as well as when viewing categories.

Can anyone help me?


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Great idea. (y)

Or like Google Image search ...

when you get to the bottom ... 20 more appear automatically. (Very server intensive).


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It is of course possible. PM me if you want to pay for this, I would take time on developing it.


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I'm also interested in this for forums and within threads, is there any add-on that will do this yet?

It's so much more natural for browsing with touchscreen on tablet etc than fiddling with the little pagination buttons.

It looks like the XF2 demo has slightly implemented it, but so far only limited to profile latest activity?

I really hope it's going to be offered through the entire XF2. Done properly server load is not an issue.