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Evening all.

Originally started my forum back on 2012 using IPB, however shortly after when it started to take off I moved over to XF and never looked back.

Its based on the popular iOS, Android, Windows PC and Windows Mobile game Airport City.

Only recently I gave the site an overhaul with a new style from PixelExit which I customised with some help from Russ.

Next step is to add a Wiki which im working on behind the scenes as theres so much content to be added!

Be great to hear your thoughts and opinions!
Awesome logo/header!

Nice site! You wanted opinions, I'd remove homepage title "Airport City Game" since its in header and everywhere too. It kinda looks like the title of the ad. I removed in mine too, it's weird lol.
In extra.css
.forum_list .titleBar {
display: none;